Commitment to a standard quality management system

Sado Germany Window understands that the success and development of an organization in the future greatly depends on the quality of products and services provided customers. We try to ensure that every Customers’ needs are met through professional service, compliance with the laws and regulations of the company.

Therefore, to ensure the quality of products from the stage of importing raw materials and input materials, the production process until the products reach the customers, all of Sado’s employees always try their best to build the system. most standard quality management. The processes and standards built into the policy are always measured, documented, analyzed and continually improved to enhance competitiveness in the market.

The proof is Sado has been certified by TUV NORD to comply with the management system process according to ISO 9001: 2008 (TUV NORD Vietnam is a member of TUV NORD Group of Germany, certification depends on the results of monitoring and supervision. periodic).

In particular, Sado has built itself a laboratory and product quality control room with modern equipment, systems that meet the standards of the Federal Republic of Germany. Thus, from input materials to output products are strictly tested before products reach customers.

In addition, we believe that the company’s quality management system is successful only when the product gives customers the value beyond their expectations, so that does not only focus on quality assurance. products at the input and production stage, right from consulting to customers, we always strive to bring the best aluminum and glass application solutions. And especially always keep the attitude of honesty, keeping credibility to take care of customers at any time as long as customers use our products.

Commitment to product quality

Sado has always placed the criteria of product quality on the top, as the core value for its development. Therefore, we build a standardized and trained process for the entire personnel system. Ensure products are always checked on every stage and check the actual sample before mass installation at the project.

Rated as the number one enterprise in the field of aluminum and glass B2B market, Sado always strives for sustainable development and accompanies the aluminum and glass industry towards the international market, raising the standards of Vietnamese products when exported. foreign.

With the scale of a regional factory, professional production management, a team of skilled workers and equipped with the most modern machinery system imported from Europe, Sado Germany Window has created products. Best quality assurance for customers on the criteria:

  • High quality input materials, imported from the world’s leading brands such as Dow Corning, Profilglass, Dip-tech, Saint-Gobain, Koemmerling, Solutia, …
  • Absolutely not import poor quality materials, goods of unclear origin. The input material must undergo a rigorous quality control process before being put into production.
  • Products are processed and manufactured on the most modern production lines transferred from famous corporations such as LiSEC, Glaston, Benteler, Dip-tech, TMB, RAPID, …
  • All products supplied to the market must go through quality testing process according to European standards.
  • Research laboratories, product development improvements to constantly improve product quality.
  • Ready to serve the inspection and quality control of existing products of customers.

Commitment to community responsibility

For Sado, social responsibility is always associated with any business and production activities of the company because we know that the company exists and develops only when the balance between economy and ecosystem is achieved. maintain. That’s why from the very beginning, Sado identified the most important elements of its social responsibility: improving the quality of life for every individual, protecting the environment and contributing to positive values ​​for society.

Create value in a responsible way

Our first commitment is to promote innovation and improvement to improve product quality along with the criteria “Green Architecture – Green Environment”. To do this, we have invested in our aluminum and glass factory with the most advanced technology lines in the world combined with investment in R&D to constantly improve our capacity, performance and quality. product.

Improve the quality of life of every individual

For customers, Sado strives to provide products that meet the best quality standards to provide a safer, quality and comfortable life. In particular, we aim to provide the most efficient application of aluminum and glass on the basis of balancing quality and cost with the expectation of high quality, environmentally friendly and safe products. For users can be widely used.

For each employee of Sado, we are committed to creating a professional, caring and advanced working environment for our employees, ensuring benefits and creating development opportunities for employees. To help our staff grow, we have set up a range of management and training systems, providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in this modern era.

Environmental Protection

Our third commitment is to build a sustainable business ecosystem based on green activities. Not only do we conserve energy and reduce emissions in our day-to-day operations, we are also actively promoting energy efficiency with green products that minimize adverse environmental impacts.

In the process of development, we never forget our social responsibility. We always preserve and strive to bring solutions that benefit local communities, animals, natural habitats, and generally benefit the entire society. We always believe that science and technology play a major role in promoting social development.

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Commitment to sustainable development

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations in 2015 represent an action plan for the development of the planet and society by 2030. They address the issue of poverty and climate change. Finally, among other issues is human progress and sustainable development, such as gender equality, clean water and sanitation, responsible consumption and production. And achieving these goals requires everyone’s participation and action on all fronts – government, business, society and applies across all countries, not just the poor countries.

Sado understands that the development of every business is always associated with the development of society, and the business cannot develop when the issues of poverty and social security have not been solved. In particular, we believe that technology will promote positive impacts on businesses and society, enabling a range of economic and social opportunities worldwide. That’s the reason why Sado’s development premise is always technology-focused, with its technological strengths we are committed to leading responsible businesses as the basis of our way of working. and constantly seeking ways to expand the positive impact on the whole society. Accordingly, we ensure that the development of Sado will promote the level of technology, scientific and technological progress, solving jobs and livelihood opportunities for people, providing safe and friendly solutions. environmentally friendly.

Now more than ever, sustainable development depends on solutions, capabilities, contributions and business involvement. That is why Sado has set out action plans to achieve the sustainable development goals.

  • Becoming a leading enterprise in Vietnam providing practical application solutions for high-class aluminum and glass products. Invest in R&D to improve product quality to meet the most rigorous testing standards in the world.
  • Investing in building a factory with the world’s leading modern technology line to create high-quality products to replace poor quality imported goods. Products with the Sado brand always ensure the ideal quality of living space, together to limit “greenhouse gases” and climate change.
  • Constantly changing, improving the management system, production operation system to catch up with the industrial revolution, bringing the company to overcome difficulties and sustainable development.
  • Develop strategies, policies and action plans that combine economic development goals with environmental protection.
  • Attempts to moderate short-term pressure with long-term strategies to deal with challenging issues and capture economic opportunities.
  • Building a good cooperative relationship with businesses with the same goals to promote the development of the business and spread positive influence, together for sustainable development.
  • Complying with environmental and occupational safety standards to strictly manage potential environmental and social impacts.